Disc Golf at Trentham Gardens

The Disc Golf course has now reopened with measures in place to keep you safe.

  • Discs are being sanitised after each use - collect your cleaned discs from the Visitor Centre.
  • Please use the hand sanitiser provided on the course before and after playing.
  • Make sure to follow the one-way route and remain at a social distance from other visitors.
  • Deposit your disc at the end of the course so we can clean them ready for re-use.

Come and try Trentham's 9-hole Disc Golf course which is set in the beautiful parkland of the gardens.

The 9 hole course is situated in the parkland of Trentham and is suitable for those looking to try a new sport, as well as those who have played before. 

You'll find a number of challenging holes during your round including 'Knock on Wood' (Hole 3) which will see you having to skillfully throw your disc through a narrow cutting in the woodland, and the dogleg left of 'Can't see the disc for the trees' (Hole 6), where you won't be able to see the basket before you tee off! 

What is Disc Golf? 

Disc golf follows many of the same principles as the game of golf, only you'll be using a frisbee instead of a ball. The aim is to get your disc into the basket in as few a throws as possible. The winner at the end of the round is the person who has used the least number of throws to complete the course. 

Is it suitable for beginners/children? 

Yes! You'll find beginner and intermediate tees which are closer to the baskets and great starting points when you first visit. There's also an advanced tee but we would recommend only using this once you're confident enough on the other 2 tees. 

Where can I pick up my discs? 

You'll be able to pick up your discs and scorecard from the Visitor Centre, where you enter the gardens. There is a charge of £5 per disc hire. 

Can I play with a normal Frisbee?

Yes, that's absolutely fine but some of the holes might prove to be a little more challenging if you do as frisbees will not fly as well.  

Where is the course it located? 

You'll find the area for disc golf located next to the Woodgate Cottage building in Trentham Gardens. Our helpful staff can provide you with a map on how to get there on your arrival to the Gardens Entrance. It's about half a mile from the Gardens Entrance to Hole 1. 

What do I do with my disc at the end? 

After Hole 9 you will see a postbox where you can deposit your disc once you've finished playing. 

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06/01/2020 - 31/12/2021
During garden opening times.

Enjoy a game of disc golf in the fresh air on our spacious outdoor course - a perfect activity for family and friends to enjoy safely.


£5.00 per disc hire or you can bring your own! 

Purchase online here, or select as an add on when you reach the checkout.

Garden admission applies to non-members

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