Beginners Christmas Wreath Workshop – Yellowstone Art Boutique

Create a large, fresh Christmas Wreath for your door with the guidance of a trained and experienced florist, Nicola from Brown Sugar Blooms. They do a FABULOUS job of their festive floral creations - check out Brown Sugar Blooms instagram feed here.

Seeing a beautiful, natural Christmas wreath bedecking a door, is one of the great joys of the festive season. It promises a warm welcome within...

To see something beautiful is a wondrous thing, to be involved in its creation, surrounded by other like-minded people, the smells of seasonal evergreens, and the fun of trimming, twisting, turning, arranging all under expert guidance is something else!

Hannah from Yellowstone Art Boutique has invited Brown Sugar Blooms to the village for several years, and these festive workshops are really fun. The evening starts with a glass of fizz, and there's unlimited tea and coffee and even a mince pie to keep you feeling festive! You come away with an adornment for your door that is uniquely yours, and will be admired by everyone who passes by, or visits your home.

£58 per person, tickets on sale NOW and include fizz and nibbles! Visit the website to find out more, and to book, or give the lovely people at Yellowstone Art Boutique a call. Places are limited, so don't delay, visit or call today :-) or 01782657970.

There's another beginners workshop on Friday 29th November 6-9pm.

If you've already enjoyed the beginners workshop, good news! There's advanced workshops specially for you to develop your skills, on Sunday 1 December and Wednesday 4 December (which is late night shopping night) 6-9pm.


Create a large, unique, fresh Christmas Wreath for your door with the guidance of a trained florist Nicola, from Brown Sugar Blooms. Includes fizz and nibbles!


£58 per person.

Booking Info:

Tickets on sale now at or 01782657970.

Trentham Shopping Village