Free Woodland Walks at Trentham

Woodland Walk Update 

Our South entrance car park will be open 8am -6pm for access to Spring Valley walk through to Kingswood. Please note that Monument Wood and Oaks loop will be closed to public access to allow conservation grazing to take place between 31 August 2020 to 31 May 2021. There is a diversion footpath available that starts at the top of Spring Valley beside the Monkey Forest boundary fence, extends along the Treetop Adventures access road and turns south and along the original Brownian drive that runs along the eastern boundary of Monument Wood to Monument Road, in Tittensor Village.

We apologies for any inconvenience, we have tried over recent years a range of visitor centred activities to mitigate the number of dog attacks on grazing livestock and wildlife, with no success. We have had to resort to selective closures during grazing periods. Please, for your safety, respect the area closure whether you are walking with or without a dog as other maintenance operations have also been timed during these closures to minimise disruption to visitor experience at other times of the year. ‘

Please take any litter and dog waste home with you to avoid harming wildlife and allow our staff to focus on looking after other parts of the estate whilst we are currently closed.

We would like to make members of the public aware that all access routes onto the walks involve touch points in the form of kissing gates or styles. Some pathways are also narrow in places, with steps which require the use of handrails. We would advise the use of hand sanitiser after using these.

We ask that any visitors using the walks observe the social distancing rules (staying 2 metres apart from each other at all times). No cycling is permitted.

As usual, we ask that dogs are kept on a short lead whilst on the estate, which includes the woodland walk areas, to protect wildlife and negate the need for staff to have to deal with potential wildlife and livestock injuries. These incidents also have an impact on our emergency services, which are already playing a vital role. Our security team will be doing rolling checks in these areas to ensure that this is adhered to.

If you are walking in the area and have any concerns, then please call our Security Team on 07966 247393. ​

Woodland Walks at Trentham

The Woodlands have dominated Trentham for over 1000 years

The parts of the woodland which are free to enter are The Kings Wood, The Monument, The Oaks and The Parkland Walks. All the walks are clearly signposted and areas of interest are highlighted, to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

The public use of the Woodland Walks is encouraged, but we politely remind guests that this is a private estate and we reserve the right to refuse admission or to remove from the estate any person whose behaviour is inappropriate.

The woodland walks are a perfect place for a dog walk too! To respect our wildlife, dogs must be kept on a short lead in all areas and at all times. Please use the dog bins provided.

The woodland walks also incorporates the Two Saints Way Walk, which was featured on BBC Radio 4’s Ramblings Show with Clare Balding.

The Monument

Permissive access to Monument Walk and Oaks Walk is currently denied to the public. This is to safeguard the well-being of our flocks of rare native breed Hebridean
and Jacob sheep. Our sheep play a vital role in restoring the Woodland Pasture, an at risk ancient UK habitat, through grazing out nonnative invasive plant species such as Himalayan Balsam, and creating a mosaic of tussock grasses, native wildflowers and thickets of bramble and thorn. This is one of a number of habitats we are working with Natural England to restore and enrich including heathland, wetland meadows and woodland pastures.