Fairies at Trentham
Fairies at Trentham
Fairies at Trentham

Fairies at Trentham

Due to the new one-way system around the gardens and lake, there may be some Fairies that are harder to spot - if there is a certain Fairy you want to see, ask a member of the Gardens Entrance team and they'll point you in the right direction.

Lots of visitors like to give Shaky a handshake - for now, you might like to just give her a wave instead!

Everyone knows that fairies live at the bottom of gardens and Trentham Gardens is no different.

Keep your eyes peeled as you walk around our beautiful mile-long lake, and through the woodland and gardens where the Fairies at Trentham live.

Titania points the way to her fairy friends from the shopping village. Each fairy is different, some are bold and will want to shake your hand, others are shy and are harder to spot high up in the trees. Can you find them all?

Can you find the new Fairies? 

Some new Fairies have joined their friends at Trentham Gardens. 'Whimsy' is a little tricky to find, but if you head to the least visited side of the Loggia and look up, you might catch a glimpse of her! A beautiful mermaid 'Wanda' has swam in to visit her fairy friends and can be found in the Italian Gardens large fountains. Do let us know if you find all the fairies and share your pictures with us using #TrenthamFairies via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Where can I get my own Fairy?

If you fancy a little momento of your visit, call into the garden entrance to see our range of postcards, greetings cards, badges and fridge magnets. 

Where are the Fairies created?

Inspired by an inexplicable real-life encounter, the fairies are painstakingly created from galvanised and stainless steel wire, by local artist Robin Wight. His daughter Amy Wight, created the giant dandelions which are located between the annual meadow, and the lake. You can view more of their work on the FantasyWire website.