Walking your dog at Trentham
Doggie Wash

Walking your dog

Trentham Gardens is dog friendly and the perfect place for a w-a-l-k!

Are you looking for a dog friendly attraction, where you'll enjoy the walk as much as your dog does? At Trentham Gardens visitors tell us how much they love touring the gardens, lakeside, parklands and woodlands, but also how much their dog's tails wag then they're here.

Where can I take my dog for a walk?

We love seeing dogs enjoying The Trentham Estate, but please remember not everyone loves dogs. With this in mind, we ask if you could you please follow these 4 simple rules:

· Keep it clean: Clean up after you dog - it doesn't take long and there are lots of bins on the Estate. Try to avoid letting your dog urinate on benches and bins where possible.

· Take the Lead: Keep your dog on a short lead at all times, we only allow dogs off leads in the area, located on the walk up towards North Park on the Estate. This is for your dogs safety, other visitors wellbeing and to protect our livestock and wildlife.

· Be considerate: Keep dogs out of the children's play area, barefoot walk and Capability Centre.

· Keep dogs to the paths: Many of our planted areas, lakeside margins, woodland and heaths are home to rare, endangered mammals and birds, please keep you dog on main pathways and mown lawns. Pause and give wildlife a wide birth especially birds, deer, and livestock as the stress of dog encounters can be as fatal as a bite.

Anyone found breaking these rules will be asked to leave the site*.

You can also walk your dog in the North Park which has been selected as one of just 60 Diamond Woods across the country in The Woodland Trust's Jubilee Woods project, which marks HM The Queen's 60 years as monarch. There are also a number of dog waste bins provided in this area. Please be aware that dogs are not allowed at Trentham Monkey Forest.

Dogs and Wildlife

Is there a place I can wash my dog after?
Visit the Doggie Wash at Trentham Shopping Village and avoid going home with muddy paws. Located in the corner of J & P Hats and Edinburgh Woollen Mill, this easy to use dog wash has touch screen controls allows you to choose exactly the kind of wash your dog needs. It costs £6 for 10 minutes and £1 for each additional minute.

Can I take my dog into any of the cafes at Trentham?
While you're in the gardens check out the stunning views from the Italian Garden Tearoom and the Lakeside Café, both allow dogs outside and provide bowls of water. Head over to Cadwaladers if you fancy a break from walking and need an energy boost, as they allow dogs both inside and outside of the café. We also have a number of eateries which are dog friendly and allow dogs to join their owners outside, these are;

· Café on the Square @ Il Gusto
· Capabilitea
· Pieminister
· Rotisserie

If your pooch needs their own energy boost head to specialist dog shop Doggie Fashions, who now have their own dog bakery! Both of you can now enjoy a nice slice of cake and watch the world go by.

Call into Glazed Art and see the wonderful ceramic sculptures of dogs by artist Olivia Brown. She can also make your dog for you, all she needs is 4-6 photos from different sides and you can have your very own sculptured pooch.

* The rules are very clear, that dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. Under the Hunting Act (2004), it is an offence to let your dog attack a wild animal. Dog owners are responsible for the actions of their dogs and if they are found to be involved in an attack of this nature, the owner will be held accountable and they could face prosecution.