ShowTheLove this February

Learn about the Climate Coalition's Show The Love campaign and how we're doing our bit to look after nature and protect the things we love for the future. Discover some tips to make a positive change in your gardens, benefiting your local environment plus your health and wellbeing.

What is #ShowTheLove?

Show The Love is the Climate Coalition's annual celebration of everything we care about and want to protect from the worst impacts of the climate crisis. People from across the UK use the power of green hearts to join together and ask decision-makers to tackle the climate crisis. Learn more here.

What are we doing and how can you help?

As custodians of The Trentham Estate, we are committed to caring for the Gardens’ horticulture, our wildlife and conservation programmes and the preservation of our ancient woodland, which is a protected Site of Special Scientific Interest. 

Bee Kind

Create nectar sources in your own gardens with pollinator friendly plants - these can be native or non-native, bees aren’t fussy! Increasing diversity of insects is vital in supporting our local crop agriculture.

Did you know we have over 21,000m² of annual and perennial meadows across the Estate which flower beautifully throughout the summer?

Lawns and Machinery

Milder autumns are predicted so our weeding and mowing seasons will be extended. We cut our lawns each week throughout the summer so we’re transitioning towards electric tools and vehicles, and selectively cutting to boost opportunities for wildflowers - not only reducing our carbon footprint and boosting biodiversity but perfect for a peaceful garden!

Have you considered replacing your diesel and petrol power tools with electric alternatives?

Go Green

We’ve been busy planting thousands of trees and shrubs across the Estate - these have many benefits for our local and global environment, locking up carbon, creating habitats and increasing biodiversity.

Planting these in your garden can reduce your energy bills by sheltering your home from cold winter winds!

Did you know we have a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) Oak woodland on the Estate? If you head along the external Estate woodland walks, you’ll find Kingswood where we have everything from deer, to beetles and pied flycatchers!

Make Every Drop Count

Capture rainwater in water butts to reduce the amount of tap water you need in the spring and summer months to water your plants. We have our own water butts in the show gardens and utilise water from the lake in summer months.

We have also managed the stretch of the River Trent which runs through the heart of the Estate. We removed soil which totalled more than the weight of 1000 double decker buses to boost fish habitats and installed an artificial otter holt.

Peat Bogs and Plant Pots

We recycle the green waste produced from the gardens into compost which we use for future projects eliminating our demand for peat composts. Peat bogs are
important habitats which are vital carbon stores and unique ecosystems.

You can compost your garden and kitchen waste at home and use it as top dressing in your own gardens or buy peat-free compost! Invest in green products for your garden - did you know you can buy biodegradable plant pots to grow your seedlings in?

Grasslands and Grazing

The Estate is home to many rare-breed sheep who graze our grasslands, woodlands and wetlands. These areas provide great habitats for birds and small mammals - if you’re patient you might see birds of prey hunting for mice and voles in these areas!

In periods of flooding our wetlands become littered with debris washed downstream which we collect regularly - in fact we’ve already collected dozens of bags of rubbish this year. In your local area you could get involved with community litter picks to clean up your streets.