Trouble Booking In?

If you're having a few problems using the new system to book your date/time slots then we have created a helpful guide for some of the more common issues and frequently asked questions...

Email Invalid

Are you getting the below error message when requesting your temporary password? 

Email Invalid Error Message

If your email is coming back as ‘Invalid’ when following the steps on this page – How to Book – then it will mean we do not have an email associated with your account.

Please email with the subject line ‘Invalid Email’ and include your membership number and the email you would like to use to set up an account, and we can get this associated with your membership. 

Membership Booking Slots - Not Showing

If you have created an account using the Sign-Up function, then this can impact whether the products show for you or not. There is an easy way to check this, simply log in and visit the ‘Account’ page and make a note of the number underneath your email. If it’s not your membership number, then this will be the reason the booking slots are not showing.

To fix this, please email with the subject line ‘Merge’ and include your membership number and the email you would like to use to set up an account.

Unable to add an Existing Member

If you are adding people to your account or adding them to a booking and receive the following error message – Invalid/Entitlement Exceed – then there’s a couple of things you need to check.

1. If you are adding a member, please only fill in the details under the ‘Existing Guests or Members’ section (the left-hand side on the below screenshot or the top section if using mobile) and ignore the 'New Guests' section.

2. Please type the exact information which is printed on the card.

  • Include TRE as part of the membership number with no space between the last letter and first number.
  • Make sure the surname is typed in as it appears on the card.
  • If you have a carers card, then please try entering – Carer of Surname – if it does not work on your first attempt using the surname.

3. If it is still coming up as invalid then please drop – an email and they can look into this for you.