Adding a beneficiary to your membership

Adding a member to your account couldn't be easier with the new system.

Follow the steps below on how to add a current Member to your account. Once you've added them, they will then stay associated with your account in the future, meaning it'll be easier to book tickets for things like events. 

When Purchasing Tickets

If you are booking one of our new time slot options and someone in your households membership isn't showing, you can follow the instructions below. 

Step 1When you get to this screen it will ask you who the ticket is for. If the member isn't showing in the drop-down menu then please select 'New' and a popup window will appear. 

Please note: Only those with valid memberships will work for the time slot bookings. 

Step 2In the pop-up window please use the 'Existing Guests or Members' option and type out the Surname, Membership Number (which can be found under the barcode on your card. If your number includes 'TRE' at the start then please DO include that as well) and their relation to you. This will then add them as an option to the above screen. 


When Viewing Your Account

Step 1When you are logged in you can click on your name in the top right-hand corner and two options should appear: Account and Log Out. 

Step 2When you click on the 'Account' button you will be able to update your details (such as your address and email), manage your subscriptions, change your email, see the people already associated with your account and add new ones. 


Step 3

For this guide, we are looking at how to add a beneficiary and these are classed as two ways in the system:

Your Accounts - this is usually those in your same household or people you have purchased a membership for and used your email to activate. 

Your Associations - this will be people who aren't linked to your account, those who have purchased tickets separately. 

If there are any people missing from your account, these can be added easily by selecting the 'Add a New Account' button below. 

Step 4


This screen will then pop up allowing you to added Existing Members. You will need their Surname and Membership Number (found underneath the bar code on your Membership. If your number includes 'TRE' at the start then please DO include that as well) to be able to add them successfully.