Woodland and Lakeside Update - February

We hope you are all enjoying the winter colour we have around the woodland and lakeside so far this year.

The Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Arnold promise’ down our zig zag path and our wonderful selection of Hellebores in the woodland meadow seen in our January update are still going strong and putting on a fabulous display so catch them whilst you can!

We are now noticing fabulous colours of yellows and white flowers also popping up around the woodland and lakeside walk. Our newly planted snowdrops have started to appear and are beginning to flower beautifully with their graceful white petals and tiny green details. These can be found between the woodland meadow and the Stumpery. They usually flower from January through into March.

Lonicera fragrantissima (below right) also known as winter-flowering honeysuckle is also coming into flower (planted in the woodland entrance before the woodland meadows) and showing off its delicate white flowers which provide a wonderful winter fragrance

The Cornus mas (top left) opposite the wicker toadstools in the woodland provides some wonderful winter colour and easily brightens an area up. It is very easy to spot with its dense star like clusters of sunshine yellow flowers.

With all the wonderful displays of colour we have, it can start to feel that spring isn’t too far around the corner. We have, however, had a reasonably mild winter so far and this means that a few of our spring flowering plants are showing off already! We stick with lovely yellows as you may notice our wet woodland area in the meadows beginning to display some beautifully bright Caltha palustris (below right) or more commonly known as marsh marigold. Another spring flowering plant in the wet woodland area which can bee seen flowering currently is Primula elatior (below left), or giant cowslip which can eventually reach height of 1.2 metres!