Winter Walks at Trentham

Safe winter walks at Trentham Gardens

We thought you might like some background as to what happens behind the scenes to make your winter walk safe at Trentham Gardens.

Winter is a wonderful season to visit Trentham Gardens. Snowy and frosty pictures taken here are simply stunning.

We realise that our visitors want to access the garden and lakeside walks as early as possible to catch the beautiful morning scenery and refresh themselves with an invigorating walk. Sometimes we have to delay our opening time whilst the staff perform safety checks, take remedial action and close some areas.

Frost, snow and minus degrees temperatures

The garden staff arrive an hour before opening and perform checks of the Italian Garden and grit the main entrance bridge and main path to the tearoom as a priority. In a natural environment, areas of standing water and continuous cold weather can make conditions very slippery underfoot. Whilst the main paths are treatable, we have to apply more caution around the lake and lakeside plantings as the salt in the grit can have an adverse environmental impact.

Winds and gusts above 40mph

Trentham is blessed with beautiful old trees, yews, oaks and beeches. However, as they age their limbs get heavy (I know the feeling!) and they’re susceptible to breaking. We have to be very cautious to protect our visitors in such conditions. We realise it can be frustrating to have your visit limited, but visitor safety has to be our number one priority. The whole attraction has to be checked by a qualified member of staff for signs of tree damage before opening up the paths.

If we close the lakeside paths

Please ask the staff for the alternative routes – there’s miles of paths on the eastern side aside the River Trent (turn right as you head over the bridge), through the Italian Gardens (along the trellis walk and around the frozen fountains) up to the Tearoom and beyond into the event fields – there’s kissing gates so that you can access easily – so please don’t be deterred by the estate black iron fencing.

When the playground is closed

We hate to disappoint the little ones, but the fall zones beneath the play equipment can become frozen solid and the play area is surrounded by Victorian aged trees.

What you can do to help

- If the weather is cold or windy, check our website (you'll see a little green dialog box at the bottom) or social media channels (The Trentham Estate on Facebook & @TrenthamEstate on Twitter) for closure notices or call us on 01782 646646.

- Wrap up warm, wear sturdy footwear with a good grip, maybe bring a flask, or treat yourself to a hot drink.

- Please be patient if our opening time is delayed and be assured that the staff are working hard to give you access as quickly as possible, to as many areas as possible, with your safety in mind.

- If areas are closed, please listen to the advice of our staff and do not cross any safety barriers – they’re there for a reason.

- Remember to wash the feet of your four-legged friend as grit can make them poorly if they try to lick it off their feet. The Doggie Wash is available in Trentham Shopping Village if you want to avoid making a mess when you get home! 

Thank you and enjoy your wonderous winter walks at Trentham Gardens.