June Garden Blog

June Gardeners Blog

The weather has been heating up over the last few weeks at Trentham! The Upper Flower Garden has been sizzling with its new summer bedding scheme, which was planted up with the help of our lovely volunteers...

Warm reds, oranges and purples really sing with colour at this time of year. We’ve used Dahlia ‘Bishop of Llandaff’ and Ensete ventricosum ‘Maurelii’ (Abyssinian banana) for warm red tones and architectural foliage. Deep purple Salvia splendens and the dark foliage of the Dahlias complements the darker tones found in the stonework on parts of the balustrade, whilst Tagetes ‘Antigua Orange’ and Zinnias bring the whole scheme together.

You may have noticed that our box balls in the Upper Flower Garden have had a tidy up and trim. Clipping them from this time of year through to August helps any new growth become stronger and more resistant to the ravages of weather, as well as any potential diseases including box blight.

This year has been a really good one for roses, and our David Austin collection has been looking spectacular so far. The scent from them wafts down into the Italian Garden on warm days, and the whole border is a real delight for the senses. We’ve added some annuals to fill the gaps, using Cosmos bipinnatus, Dadiscus ‘Blue Lace’ and Cleome varieties to add splashes of colour in pinks and blues to complement the structure and colour of the roses.

Our current batch of trainees have also passed their compact tractor driving test, an essential skill for all the gardeners working on the estate. The test involves learning about pre- start safety checks, hitching up trailers and other equipment, as well as reversing and manoeuvring the tractor and trailer - a tricky skill!

With the weather heating up irrigation has been a priority, particularly in the Upper Flower Garden, but we are also helping our new young plants in the Upper Beds of the Italian Garden settle in with a drink occasionally. Tom Stuart Smith chose plants for us that would be ideally suited to baking hot sun and windy weather, and once they have established we shouldn’t need to water them again. Look out for our varieties of beautiful Eryngium, which are perfectly adapted to this scorching weather!

Tips for the June garden:

  • Keep weeding and deadheading to maintain beds, borders and container displays.
  • Renovate overgrown and leggy lilacs by cutting down to 45cm from the base. Thin out new shoots growing in across the centre.
  • Plant out marrows and courgettes if grown under cover, or sow now directly outside in the place where they are to grow.
  • Feed lawns with a lawn fertiliser. Liquid ones are easy to apply with a watering can or sprayer, and don’t have to be watered in if the weather remains dry.