Dog off-lead area introduced at Trentham

The Trentham Estate is very dog-friendly, indeed thousands of dog walkers enjoy visiting both the garden and the wider estate each year.

We have now introduced an area where dogs are allowed to be off their lead.

What has been introduced?

This area has been designated to exercise dogs off the lead. This area can be found on the map above or you can download our leaflet. This is the ONLY area of the Trentham Estate where permission has been granted for dogs to be exercised off a lead. Visitors who do not adhere to these rules in other areas of the estate will be banned from site and will face prosecution.

Can I take my dog off a lead anywhere else?

We have a strict ‘dogs on lead’ policy throughout the estate, to protect the estate’s wildlife and grazing livestock. We have held education events with Staffordshire Police on site, display signage at entrance points in to the parks, and use social media to reinforce this message.

Why do I have to keep my dog on a lead?

This historic estate is carefully managed to provide habitats for a vast array of wildlife and some areas are now grazed by livestock in a sustainable manner, under Natural England’s Higher Level Stewardship. We believe that this method of conservation land management, and the care for the estate’s rich wildlife, can co-exist with dog walking. We are very grateful to the majority of our visitors who do comply, however, despite our best efforts to communicate the importance of keeping dogs on leads, a small number of visitors persist in letting their dogs roam free which has led to wildlife being attacked, and sheep being worried and killed. We respectfully ask that dogs are kept on a lead and the new dogs off lead area is the only exception to this rule.

Under the Hunting Act 2004, Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended) and Wild Mammals (Protection) Act 1996 it is an offence to intentionally cause harm, suffering or permit a dog under your control to do the same. As the owner, you may be liable to prosecution and subject to a fine; the courts have the power to place a control or destruction order on your dog.

My dog has never caused any problem before, why do I need to keep it on a lead?

The laws apply to all dogs, regardless of size or breed and all offending owners of dogs are treated consistently.

Isn’t this area public access?

St. Modwen purchased the estate from the National Coal Board in 1996. This is private land, owned by St. Modwen with permissive access granted through the parks, from dawn until dusk. There is one public footpath running through North Park, any dog walking the route must be kept under control.There are no plans to build on North Park, we have heavily invested in restoring its historic natural habitat.

For more information about walking your dog at Trentham visit our dog walking page which also includes info on where your dog can go in the shopping village too.

We sincerely hope that people will respect the estate and that visitors and their dogs will continue to enjoy permissive access to our park and woodland walks.