How to buy Outdoor Cinema Tickets

Thinking of coming to one of our Moonlight Movies? You'll find out how to book your tickets in our most recent blog.

Our Moonlight Movies in our outdoor cinema are now on sale and they are easy to book through our new ticketing system. We've outlined the steps below on how to book your tickets and further information about the event can be found here

Step One - Choose your Event

Visit our new Ticketing Website and click on the Events section. Here you will find all the Moonlight Movies which we have available. 

Annual Ticket Holders - Please log into your account to get access to the discounted tickets before starting step one. 

Step Two - Pick How Many Tickets 

Select how many people are coming with you. 

Don't worry about the 'What type of ticket' and 'block options' there is only one option here so just select the one that appears. 

Step Three - Link who is coming with you

Adding an Annual Ticket Holder

Click +NEW and add their details under the 'Existing Member' option - which will ask for their surname and membership number. The discount will be automatically applied for any Annual Ticket Holder you bring with you. 

Adding a Non-Member

Click +NEW and add their details under the 'New Account' option. 

Step Four - Delivery Options 


Please note: this year we will only be offering the eticket option when booking online.

Step Five - Double Check Your Order

Step Six - Enter Your Payment Details


Make sure you also tick the T&Cs box!

Step Seven - You're coming to our Outdoor Movies! 


We will send you a booking confirmation of your tickets but please do make a note of your booking reference.

You can also print/download your tickets here too by clicking the 'Print' button. 

Step Eight - Make a note of your Booking Reference and Print/Download your tickets


To print/save your tickets click the 'View' button. 


Step Nine - Save the tickets somewhere safe!