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Monkey Forest

Mother's Day Tea Party

Date:Sunday 26 March 2017

Celebrate Mother's Day at Trentham Monkey Forest

Trentham Monkey Forest are celebrating Mother's Day by dedicating the day to the amazing mums of the monkey forest.

Treat your mum to a special day at Monkey Forest and each mum will receive a free tea/filter coffee for every mum when buying a slice of cake.

There are an incredible 51 Mothers, 17 Grandmothers and 3 Great-Grand Mothers at Trentham Monkey Forest and during Spring the monkey forest welcome the new born Barbary macaques.

Here are a few mum fun facts before you go;

  • There is only 1 baby born to its mother each year, twins are very rare
  • The babies drink their mother's milk for 6 months and start to try solid food when they are about 6 weeks.
  • They take their first tentative steps at about 2 weeks - often hopping like a frog
  • Barbary macaque babies are normally born during the night in the trees.

Trentham Monkey Forest is set in 60 acres of beautiful Staffordshire woodland and is home to 140 Barbary macaques. You will be plunged into their fascinating worlds as your hear them rustling in the trees and swinging from branch to branch.

Also located on the Trentham Estate is Trentham Gardens which you can access at the south entrance. Here you can discover the  15 enchanting Fairies that call Trentham their home. You'll be able to find these by walking through the gardens and around the lake. While on your walk keep a look out for the giant Diving Otters, Stag Beetles and Kingfisher. If the kids are looking for adventure head to the adventure playground where they can tackle the assault course, zoom down the zip wire, test their driving skills and fly high on the swings.


Included in Monkey Forest admission.

Booking Info:

Call 01782 659845 for more information. No need to book in advance.

Location:Monkey Forest
Category:Family - Mother's Day - Nature

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