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School Holidays

  • Trentham Fairy Trail

    Sunday 01 January 2017 - Sunday 24 December 2017

    Keep your eyes peeled as you walk around our beautiful mile-long lake, and through the woodland and garden, where the Fairies at Trentham live. Take the Trentham Fairy Trail and get a FREE fairy sticker. Sorry - Shaky, Helper and Poser are not accessible from 20th June due to path closure.

  • Little Acorns

    Little Acorns Childrens Gardening Club at Trentham Garden Centre

    Wednesday 29 March 2017 - Wednesday 30 August 2017

    Come along and join the Little Acorns Gardening Club at Trentham Garden Centre every Wednesday for a range of fun activities.

  • Trentham Brass Band

    Brass Bands in the gardens

    Sunday 25 June 2017 - Sunday 13 August 2017

    Pull up a deck chair and listen to the wonderful sounds of a local brass band!

  • Univeristy Hospital Orchestra

    Sunday 09 July 2017

    Pull up a deck chair and take in the sounds of the wonderful University Hospital Orchestra.

  • Exotic Animals Weekend at the Monkey Forest

    Saturday 15 July 2017 - Sunday 16 July 2017

    Natural History Presentations are at Trentham Monkey Foresy with an array of exotic animals including owls, lizards and a meerkat!

  • Sand Sculptors at Trentham Gardens

    Sand Sculptors in the gardens

    Monday 31 July 2017 - Wednesday 02 August 2017

    Head to the lakeside activity area to see a stunning sand sculpture come to life.

  • Wilderness Survival Skills

    Saturday 05 August 2017 - Sunday 06 August 2017

    Get active in the great outdoors and learn something new everyday with Wilderness Survival Skills at Trentham Gardens.

  • Appetite Taster Tour at Trentham Gardens

    Appetite Taster Tour

    Wednesday 09 August 2017

    Join the Appetite team as they bring a their magical outdoor performance art to Trentham Gardens

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