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Get naked from the knees downFamily fun in the Barefoot Walk

Barefoot Walk

In 2013 we added 45m (150 feet) of new textures including artificial grass, a new bridge, a water trough and a bed of rubber coals.

We dare you to brave the Barefoot Walk!

Get naked from the knees down and enjoy a 1km walk through the woodlands and meadows. Tantalise your toes with an array of testing textures including mud, bark, babbling streams, logs, hay, grass and pebbles... to name a few. While you’re walking, keep your ears peeled as hidden within various sections of the walk are sensors which are triggered by barefoot walkers. Listen out for “ooohs” “ouches” and “squelches"!

Not only is the Barefoot Walk fun, but it’s therapeutic too - as you walk you will be improving your health and vitality, using the historic principles of Sebastian Kneipp.

Shoe lockers and foot showers are available.

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