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The Italian Garden

The Italian Garden planting is designed within the historic framework of Sir Charles Barry’s original Italianate Garden of the 19th Century.

The gardens have never stood still at Trentham, and in our approach to restoration it’s important to allow the garden to continue to move forward, not back. We commissioned renowned Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medallist Tom Stuart-Smith, to revive The Italian Garden with one of the largest contemporary perennial plantings in Europe.

The recasting of The Italian Garden planting is a contemporary scheme based upon a naturalistic style which combines herbaceous perennials and ornamental grasses.

The garden is designed to provide interest all-year-round, many of the perennials in The Italian Garden are left standing throughout Autumn and into late Winter.

The planting utilises hot bold colours towards the top of the garden, where Trentham Hall once stood, with more subtle and lighter colours as the planting approaches the lake. There are two types of planting:

  • European Steppe planting, made up of drought resistant plants in the beds edged with box;
  • Moisture loving plants that prefer a rich soil, are used in the big lower beds and benefit from the high water table of the lake.

There are 80,000 perennials planted in The Italian Garden, in over 400 different varieties, in 70 flower beds.