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Children enjoy the Rivers of GrassRivers of GrassRivers of Grass in Spring

Rivers of Grass

The Rivers of Grass evoke a sense of intimacy for the visitor amongst the unrestricted flow of plant form and texture, developing within the garden throughout the year.

A naturalistic weave of grasses and punctuating herbaceous perennials, have been specifically selected to grow en masse. They are adapted to thrive in naturally challenging growing conditions.A first class example of man working with nature and not against it.

Two varieties of Molinia caerulea dominate the scheme. Both grasses provide texture and movement and most importantly thrive in the variable conditions of the area.

The ground here is usually damp, will occasionally flood, but may be on the drier side throughout the Summer. The grasses are interspersed with a narrow range of other perennials, giving the appearance of a watery meadow in late Spring, before the grasses dominate the scheme in the Summer, turn golden in Autumn and are cropped back in mid-January.