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Woodland at Trentham

Free Woodland Walks

The Woodlands have dominated Trentham for over 1000 years

Customer Notice - Monument Wood Restoration Work

As part of the agreed long term conservation plans for the estate, we will be clearing the trees from around the stone monument of the first Duke of Sutherland to reveal the lost panoramic views across the estate and surrounding countryside from the hill top. The restoration will also thin the surrounding woodland (some of which was inappropriately planted after the dramatic woodland fire in 1976) to better recreate the more open “acidic” grassland and “wood pasture” of the 18th and 19th Century. Our long term management vision is to introduce grazing. The remaining Rhododendron ponticum (largely cleared last winter) will be removed and treated to prevent this re-establishing.

The Monument

In 1833 George Granville 2nd, embarked on an extensive rebuilding project on the estate. This began the era that created Trentham in the way you see it today. He commissioned the statue of the 1st Duke of Sutherland which crowns Monument Hill, in July 1833. The statue was completed in 1835.

Enjoy the tranquillity of acres of free parkland and woodland to a more strenuous climb up to the monument at the south entrance of the estate.

If you’re feeling energetic, take a walk up Monument Hill and enjoy spectacular views of Trentham and beyond!

Take a look at the video walk around Trentham with Walks Britain, or join us over on facebook and see the Woodland Walks album.

The parts of the woodland which are free to enter are The Kings Wood, The Monument, The Oaks and The Parkland Walks.

All the walks are clearly signposted and areas of interest are highlighted, to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

The public use of the Woodland Walks is encouraged, but we politely remind guests that this is a private estate and we reserve the right to refuse admission or to remove from the estate any person whose behaviour is inappropriate.

North Park Wood & Heathland Restoration Project

A major landscape restoration of historic parkland is now in progress at the North of the estate.