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Craft and Hobby Shops

Trentham Shopping Village

Everyone has a favourite pastime be it needlework, gardening, painting or cookery. At Trentham there’s plenty to inspire creative people. The Works offers a variety of art, books and craft supplies and Little Shop of Crafts has a great following of needlepoint regulars who love to sew, knit, make tapestries and get hands-on making hand-crafted cards.

Art and crafters will find inspiration at The Natural World. Trentham Garden Centre has everything to fill a gardener’s heart with desire!

Cooks and foodies should head to Brown and Green, Cooks or visit our Ceramics shops to find wonderful ingredients, baking, cookware and something beautiful to serve up your creations on!

If your hobby is more outdoors based, such as golf, camping or walking, visit our Outdoors and Leisure category.

Fabulous hand-crafted pieces can be found at our Art and Ceramics shops.