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Glazed Art

Glazed Art

Unique and inspirational ceramic and glass art is found at Glazed Art, including pieces from famous names: Sally Tuffin, Heidi Warr, Andrew Hull, Marie and Peter Graves, Anita Harris Pottery, Caithness Glass, Dartington Crystal Beswick, Emma Wood Glass, Morpheus Glass, Jo Downs Glass, Johnathan Cox, Olivia Brown and many more artists.

Olivia Brown at Glazed Art

Call into Glazed Art and see the wonderful ceramic sculptures of dogs by artist Olivia Brown. She can also make your dog for you, all she needs is 4-6 photos from different sides and you can have your very own sculptured pooch.

Olivia Brown Dog 285Olivia Brown Dog 285 2

Carl Longworth

Pop in to see our selection of Carol Longworth’s beautiful bronze sculptures.

Products: Splash backs, feature fireplaces, vases, sculptures, lamps, glass hangings, bowls and coasters.

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