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Trentham Monkey Forest

Take a walk on the wild side

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Get up close and personal at Trentham Monkey Forest set in 60 acres of beautiful Staffordshire woodland and meadows where 140 monkeys live in total freedom. You are plunged into the fascinating world of the Barbary macaques as you hear rustling in the trees, chattering in a strange language and see the monkeys crashing through branches.

To your right there is a male carrying a baby on his back, on your left are two females grooming each other, and in the trees are young monkeys doing acrobatics between the branches.

The three-quarter mile winding forest path takes you through the monkeys home and gives you a great insight into this fascinating primate and how they live in their native Morocco or Algeria. Guides along the path will give you information on the monkeys and what they are getting up to and don’t miss our hourly feeding talks to see some more monkey antics!

The Trentham Estate is home to several great attractions, including Trentham Monkey Forest. Each attraction is operated seperately, and has its own management, opening times and prices. For further Monkey Forest information, visit Trentham Monkey Forest’s website.

Our blog, My Walk on the Wild Side, goes behind the scenes during a morning with the monkeys.

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