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Lil Gs Excellent Easter Adventures at Trentham

Posted on 07 April 20170 Comments

Stars of ‘Life As Our Little Family’ blog, Kerri-Ann and Lil G tell us their favourite things to do at Trentham during the Easter holidays.

With the school holidays just beginning, I thought it would be nice to take you on an adventure with our little family. My biggest fear when the school holidays arrive is hearing those dreaded words ‘Mummy I’m bored’ and so with that in mind - Lil G has put together a little list of his favourite things to do, and so here we go come join us. Pack a picnic, grab your welly boots, a flask of tea and join our little family as we introduce you to our favourite things to do at Easter at Trentham Gardens.

You see, it is our place to escape to for a little free range fun. Whether your little ones are interested in trains, bug hunting, fairies or building dens there’s an activity to suit everyone big or small. A little rest and play keeps the doctor away and if you’re lucky, your littles entertained. From our very first visit five years ago we knew straight away it would become one of our special places. They have thought about every aspect of your visit.

Are you ready? Let’s go…

1. Beautiful spacious gardens perfect for rolling down hills…

Trentham Gardens motto is ‘DO play on the grass’ and the hills that descend into the Italian Gardens are perfect for a ‘roly poly’.

Rolling 570

2. Find adventure on the playground

A playground that is better equipped than any we know, perfect for conquering the climbing walls, flying down the zip wire and let’s not forget digging your way through the nautical inspired sand play area. Ahoy me hearties. Are you still with us?

Playground 570

3. Go Wild in the Woodland

Lil G loves to wander through the untamed woodlands - squelching in the mud, collecting sticks and building dens, we all love this open space so much - it allows you to feel like you have escaped the hustle and bustle of the streets.

Mud 570

4. See the lambs

If you haven’t visited recently you may not have seen the arrival of the Jacob and Hebridean Sheep, on our last count we saw 31 and let’s not forget the little lambs who were born a few days and weeks ago. Be sure to head over to the monument walk to see them or failing that they can be seen from the barefoot walk. We’ve named our favourite Medusa.

Lamb 570

5. Enjoy a Picnic

For me Trentham is relaxing yet enjoyable and filled with as much excitement and adventure as you so desire. Perfect for all ages, whether you sit on the hill, enjoy a picnic and watch the world go by or fill your day with adventure visiting Trentham is one of our favourite days out. There’s something about Trentham that keeps drawing us back.

Pinic 570

I would love to hear in the comments what your favourite thing to do at Trentham is?

KA x

Psst… If you are thinking of visiting during half-term then check out their cheap tickets and discount vouchers, you won’t be disappointed. Trentham gets a thumbs up from our little family.

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